Sog Throwing Knives Top Picks of 2020 & Brief History of The Brand

Who wants to throw a knife that breaks easily, is unbalanced and has a cheap quality of blade? Noone, right? Sog throwing knives offers you a wide range of secure options because of the premium quality of throwing knives they offer. It is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to throwing knives.

Our team has researched for extensive hours and conducted research to cherry-pick the top throwing knives. We have found 2 of the throwing knives that deserve your attention and we would review its specifications, suitable user, and pros and cons, etc so that you can make an informed and educated decision while choosing the best knife from this brand. To learn how to throw a knife check our detailed article on it.

Sog Throwing Knives Review of Brand & History:

Sog throwing knives review

History of SOG Throwing Knives starts from Vietnam where a special opt units of the United States had a distinctive combat knife which they used to carry. Spencer Frazer in the year 1986 who designed a unique knife and introduced sog specialty knives. He designed a Sog Bowie Knife and later on a whole range of tools that were acknowledged even by the US special forces.

The tools are made with fine craftsmanship and knives especially are popular for its durability, balance, and many more specs. They are good for both adventures related to hunting and to master the art of knife throwing.

SOG (F041TN-CP) with Sheath & 3 Set of Knives:

Sog throwing knives.

Editor’s Rating:  ★

Sog throwing knife (F041TN-CP) is a sturdy knife and a balanced knife which is a complete package of value that comes with a 3 piece pack. It has a unique design of paracord which is custom made and gives it a unique look.


The end of this knife has holes made by laser-cut technology and it has corded design handles. The box in which the knife comes has 3 compartments with a sheath that makes it secure to carry and handle. It comes with a velcro strap attached that is an add on to its protection it offers and gives a proper grip. The knife is well balanced and the paracord wrapped material on the handle’s end is removable too.

The blade material is of premium quality as it is made of full tang stainless steel. Its material makes the knife set resistant to corrosion and they are well-balanced knives that allow you to hit the target with complete precision.


  • Length of the Blade: 4.4 inches.
  • Weight of the Knife: 19 oz.
  • Blade’s Design: Immensely sharp blade with a straight edge.
  • Knife’s Length: 10 inches.

Suitable User:   

It is suitable for both the amateur and professional knife throwers as it is a dedicated throwing knife. It is also a multi-purpose knife that is suitable for the purpose of both camping, knife throwing, and daily use.

  • It is perfectly crafted with black stainless steel and has a high-grade blade of 420 grade.
  • Sturdy yet a lightweight knife.
  • The paracord designed handle gives it a unique customized look.
  • An evenly balanced knife and good distribution of weight.
  •  A well-crafted knife already has a good grip and it has a cord-wrapped handle additionally which provides too much grip and can harm your technique of knife throwing.
  • Paracord material on the knife’s handle is subject to wear and tear.


Overall it is a sturdy set of knives with an exceptionally high-grade blade with a unique customized design. They are well-balanced and are also good in terms of weight distribution. Its multi-purpose usage for throwing knives and camping is what makes it unique. To find more about it hit the button below:


SOG FX41N-CP Throwing Knife:

Sog throwing knives

Editor’s Rating:

If you are looking for high quality and traditional Sog fling throwing knives then Sog Classic throwing knife should be something among your priorities. They are also recommended as a practice throwing knife as it is an ideal choice for basic throws. But professionals could also choose it as they are heavy and sturdy.


It is a sturdy 3 set knife and due to its full-tang stainless steel blade. It is designed as a tactical knife. It is easy to carry and is secure as it comes with a ballistic nylon sheath. It also has a 7 inches long handle with a wrap corded handle.


  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel with a 3CR13 Grade.
  • Length of the Blade: 2.8 inches.
  • Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon.
  • Knife’s Weight: 5.4 ounces.

Suitable User: 

It is designed for both beginners and professionals as they are heavy in weight and are long-lasting. They are also ideal for throwing styles such as no-spin and combat. For professionals, it is also a viable option in terms of cost.

  • Good for a wide range of throwing styles.
  • Well balanced & Sturdy.
  • Ballistic Nylon Sheath.
  • Spear edge may need more sharpening.


If you are looking to start practicing the art of throwing knives or learn new throws it is a good choice as it was made for beginners in mind. But the sturdiness it offers and the high-grade steel used in the blade allows the professionals to also use it for hitting targets with complete precision. Hit the button below to check the price.


Are SOG Knives good quality?

SOG isn’t just a knife manufacturer in fact they are a tools company that has a vision of continuously evolving in its products and providing quality. Sog’s founder Spencer Frazer focused on military tools before and the US Military and Navy acknowledged its quality but later they expanded into a multi-purpose tools company. Quality is synonymous with the brand Sog as the US Navy Seals also use.

What does SOG mean in knives?

Studies and Observations group is a brand name that manufactures knives and a wide range of multi-tools that are known for high quality and innovation.

What are the best throwing knives for beginners?

These are the ideal knives for beginners as per the specs, design, and suitable user, etc.

  • Smith & Wesson SWTK8CP Throwing Knife Set
  • Ace Martial Arts Supply Ninja Stealth
  • Perfect Point RC-595-3 Throwing Knife Set

Find a detailed review of the top 10 beginner knives.

What Steel does SOG use?

Sog uses high-grade material in its throwing knives and this is why it’s famous for durability and quality. Most popular throwing knives of Sog have material such as 420-grade stainless steel and 3CR13 Grade.

Final Verdict: 

Although there are many brands of throwing knives to choose from and many sog throwing knives to choose from but we have picked two of the best knives from the brand. It is one of the most renowned brands in which you can put your trust in as they have a track of delivering quality tools as you can read from the brief history of the brand we have mentioned above.

So, now the ball is in your court, choose any knife of your choice and understanding from the sog throwing knives review. If you still want to look for some other brands then we have written a detailed article on best throwing knives for the year 2020.  Let us know if you have any questions in the comment box.

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