How To Make a Throwing Knife Explained in 5 Easy Steps

Are you feeling creative and want to learn how to make a throwing knife? This is a very fruitful activity both in terms of cost and fun. Although there are other cheap throwing knives available too but building it on your own and hitting the bullseye brings much more ecstasy.

how to make a throwing knife

Let’s discuss the material you would need while learning about how to make throwing knives!

  • Steel.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Either Bench Belt Sander or a File.
  • Clamps or other substitutes.
  • A pen or any kind of Soapstone.

5 Simple Steps About How To Make a Throwing Knife:

1. Planning The Design:

how to make a throwing knife

The first and foremost thing to plan about while learning about how to make a throwing knife is to figure out how you want the knife to look.

Although there is no end to creativity when you are designing the knife but we recommend you to keep the design as simple as possible. Because if you have a beginner level expertise it is perfect for you or even if you are an expert, making it is altogether a different skill. Knives that have a greater length are easier to throw too.

There are two ways with which you can design a template of your knife. The first one is to make it on cardboard and the other one is to put marks on the steel. The best way to mark is with Soapstone as it won’t fade away even on high heat.

2. Roughly Shaping the Knife: 

how to make a throwing knife

Now is it when you start shaping the knife roughly. Put the knife on the surface with a clamp to protect the knife. Now you would need the help of an angle grinder and a disc to cut-off both sides of the blade. The next step is to round cut it from the area of the handles so that you can round it off.

It may need more grinding so you should shape it on the belt grinder. It also has two ways. A file can also be used to do this job but in that case, you should shape it with the angle grinder until it looks close to the final shape.  The other way is to do the job with a grinding disk. You may choose whatever way you like while learning how to make a good throwing knife.

3. Sharpening the Bevel:

When you are learning how to make a throwing knife you should keep in mind that the only thing that needs to be sharpened is the tip of the knife rather than the entire blade or the edges of the knife because the tip is what you need to penetrate the target material.

You just need to grind the top part of the knife to sharpen the bevel. But sides need to be sanded to give it a smooth and even look.

4. Final Touches: 

You would now need a 220 grit in order to smoothen the entire knife by sanding it including the bevels. This is enough for a knife but doing more to beautify it won’t harm so here are some tips to enhance its look as good throwing knives:

  • Drill holes in the handle so that you can attach a ribbon and it becomes easy to carry or transport for you.
  • Buy a Nylon Sheath to enhance the security of the knife while you throw it.
  • Handles can be turned into paracord wrapped handles so that the knife doesn’t slip away from your hand.

5. Throwing The Knife:

how to make a throwing knife

When it comes to throwing a knife you need to educate yourself first about different techniques of it which we have extensively discussed in our article “5 Easy Steps to Throw a Knife” and then you could also start with the beginner throwing knives.

Final Verdict: 

Some of you may still need the pre-built throwing knives so we have written a complete guide for the 10 best throwing knives of 2020 with a buyer’s guide. Now when you know how to make a throwing knife we wish you good luck and hope you enjoy your knife throwing adventures.

Do let us know how your experience was building knives by yourself. Happy learning!

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