How to Make the Best Throwing Knife Target Cardboard – DIY

How to make a throwing knife target cardboard is a question that comes across the mind of every knife throwing enthusiast and the good news is we have compiled the easiest methods for you so rather than opting for throwing knife targets for sale you can make your target. If you have just started out then you would definitely need the best throwing knives for beginners.  

How to Make a Throwing Knife Target Cardboard Technique 1: 

This method’s distinction is it’s easier on the pocket, easy to make, and most of its material can be procured from scrap material. To learn how to make a throwing knife target cardboard of this type you need to follow these 3 simple steps, Let’s check it out: 

Step 1 of DIY Method: 

How to make a throwing knife target cardboard

In the first step, we need to know what materials are required to start the process of building the target. Here are they: 

  • Cardboard. 
  • Some 2x4s are required. (About 4ft of Length).
  • A few strips of plywood
  • A door hinge.

For the sake of fixing material, some basic tools are required such as a drill and some screws which would easily do the job. To learn how to throw a knife you can check here.

Step 2:

The most critical component is the target board of this method. The cardboard you have chosen needs to be a compressed cardboard reason being that its material is soft yet it is sturdy. Resultantly, your throw of the knife towards the target will be easier to penetrate but would be robust enough that it doesn’t blow the target away in a few attempts.  

The target board dimensions roughly need to be somewhere 3ftx4ft. Now the next thing you need to do is turn the board and fix the plywood planks with screws behind it. To make it convenient as a target the length from the plank to the top of the board should be approximately 6 feet.   

After that, screw a pair of 2×4’s behind the planks. One of them at the top and the second at the bottom. Doing this provides great support to the board as it doesn’t have to bear all the pressure of the blows it has to face. 

Now screw the hinge in between the 2×4. Place the 3rd plank with screws into the opposite side of it with a hinge to give the board the shape of an aisle. To give the third leg more of a vertical shape it must be longer because it gives the target board more of an aisle look. 

Step 3:

This target board is pretty sturdy and has a wide range of versatile offerings such as it can be used as a dartboard, archery, and throwing knives too (obviously).  

Start Practicing Throwing!

The best part about this target board is that it can be used for multiple reasons and it can be used for most of the ranged weapons. Even if the target board gets impaired or damaged in some way it can easily be replaced. Just by the replacement of a few screws the board can be replaced and will be ready as a target again. 

Other kinds of boards may require a complete replacement which is quite a hassle. Finally, the bottom line is, this method is quite easy to make and is cheap too.                     

How to Make a Throwing Knife Target Cardboard Technique 2:

The two things which could do wonders will be used in this method too. Yes, you guessed it right duct tape and cardboard. This method can be used both as an outdoor and indoor target material for knife throwing. 

This method suits the beginners more as they are just starting whereas if you have already honed your skills then it is better to use the 1st method mentioned above. Whoever doesn’t want to get into the hassle of even visiting a scrap material.

Now, let’s discuss what material would you need to make this target board!

Take a couple of pizza boxes, a wood board, and that’s just pretty much it.

Step 1: 

Take a pizza box and unfold it completely by opening all the sides. Tape its edges and the middle part so that the front portion of the target gets secure.

Step 2: 

When learning about how to make a throwing knife target cardboard you need to know that a good target material ideally should be sturdy yet easy to penetrate. This material needs to have ample layers ranging between 3-4 to be equipped with the qualities stated above. Since this target has to weather a lot of heavy blows of the knife it will deplete over time. So, you can make more layers and tape over it to make it increase its durability. 

Now, finding cardboard is also another pain-staking job. To make it easier, the hack you should use is to check when the shipment of a store arrives. There will be a plethora of cardboards when a shipment arrives and guess what? It is the best opportunity to get it for free.

Another simpler way is to mark a target on a pizza box and make it the target. The cons of this method are that the target won’t be as large as required and you won’t get the level playing field to challenge yourself because of a smaller target. In the initial days of your knife throwing journey, it may be a good option and a cheap way to go for. 

The benefit of this method is that when you practice it indoors the risk of knives bouncing away from the target gets minimal. 

How to Make a Throwing Knife Target Cardboard Tips:

There are some tips which you need to know before you start the process of making DIY knife throwing targets: 

  • Practicing knife throwing on trees is a bad idea as they are living things too. 
  • Watch over your surroundings and make sure nobody is in the radius of 10 miles from each direction and also across the walls as once a knife is thrown you don’t have control over it. 
  • Trim the grass below 10cm because exceeding that limit might result in a lost knife in the grass which will ruin your experience of knife throwing.
  • The wood’s grain should be placed vertically, the reason being, the knives rotate vertically. The thrower gets a wide area to target for. 


Since now you have learned two methods about how to make a throwing knife target cardboard which is both for beginners and professionals I would like to wish you good luck on your knife throwing journey. In order to choose the best throwing knives and read a buying guide To get more thrill on this journey, practice and master the art of knife throwing so that you can participate in competitions and prove your skills.

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